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split port vs. single port heads

dragterjr93 12.04.2013, 11:55
I'm looking into doing some mods on my top end and im trying to decide whether or not to go with split ports off a 99 and up or just get the singles i have ported.any advice would be great thanks for reading
FiveLeeter 12.04.2013, 12:41
honest opinion? ported split port swap.

Ortiz Performance (look them up on Facebook) in Alamo, TX does an amazing job for $200 on the split port heads. You can find the heads for around $100 usually, and I have the upper/lower intakes left over from my last build if you are interested.

Split port swap alone will give you about 40 hp, great bang for the buck on $200 in parts.

Can also add the Windstart intake manifold to the split port heads and get even more gains.
FiveLeeter 12.04.2013, 12:42
Although, to give credit, I have seen a lot of cars make good power with the ported single port. You can slap an M92 supercharger from a Super Chicken on there and get up to 400 rwhp pretty easily...
rfcsoulja 12.04.2013, 23:19
^ great advice. I would do a split port swap unless you really plan on doing some big work that ends with a turbo or a lot of spray. I've seen some big numbers from the single port when done correctly. But it's more of a go big or go home type of deal to seems.
Mr. Red Pony 13.04.2013, 00:33
My hubby is about to give my a 01 long block. I'm planning on porting the heads. I can also find a 99 lower intake and a windstar upper and you can knock it all out at once.
dragterjr93 16.04.2013, 11:56
alright split port it is.kinda tight on funds though unless your up for
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