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Exhaust leak

OkieHog 18.03.2013, 12:02
Had a set of GT40 heads put on an earlier block. Car runs great, but, on the back of one head there is a hole, with a bolt above it, but, that hole is leaking exhaust majorly! Was there supposed to be an EGR tube there, or what? Is there a simple block off plate that I can silicon around to seal this?

I gotta get this plugged asap.
FiveLeeter 18.03.2013, 16:26
I'm at work so don't know if you posted a pic or not.

If it's threaded, you can buy a block-off plate from anywhere that sells natural gas plumbing. Just use a ruler to determine the OD and then thread on slowly so you don't cross thread.
Nick92Gt 18.03.2013, 17:19
i dont think they are threading usually you can just cut the egr tube and weld it up or plug it then bolt to back to the head.
Nick92Gt 18.03.2013, 17:22
"yep your right bailey it is the thermactor crossover tube im talking about not the EGR. i still never looked at the tube i took off.

today i did go out and clean the threads in the holes (yes there are threads). and i would rather have something in there than something just in front of it. i found out that a bolt size 5/8-11 will work. Or, if you have holes in the front of the heads, Ford sells a plug that has smaller threads inside it for an accessory to bolt into, part number F4ZZ-6E086-A. took forever and a day to find this out."

quoted from another forum may be more helpful
OkieHog 18.03.2013, 17:30
Nick92, I have tried to find threads in the oblong hole, but never found any. I even tried several bolts, but never found any. I think I will do what was suggested above, and put an "adapted" egr plug in it.
Thanks for the input, guys!

Don K
strokeme383 19.03.2013, 03:29
The threads are sooted up, but it is threaded it's the same hole as on the front of the heads that has a heli coil in it, I made a tap out of a bolt I grinded three slots in it and tapered the end of the shank, I used a 9/16 coarse thread bolt by 1 inch, then used some thread sealer and bolt and tightened it down and haven't had any problems
OkieHog 19.03.2013, 10:18
Yeehaaa! I got lucky yesterday, and found an EGR block with the original bolt. The tube has been crimped closed. I will be installing this thing on Wednesday if all goes well.
Thanks for all the input!
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