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"Ultimate wet sump"

Mr. Red Pony 12.03.2013, 01:36
I've been looking into oiling systems as it is really the only thing I haven't touched on my engine. I know it's just a V6, but I am adamant on squeezing every drop of power out of this engine as it stands N/A before I finally switch to a V8. Mainly for my own pride, but also because I want to learn all the tricks that have been done and combine the best ones to make an amazing N/A V8 when I'm ready.

Anyways. I've been looking into a dry sump because I want something that can handle high G's without oil surge. I'm sure you have all seen the benefits, but know the exspence of going this route.

So I've been researching into wet sumps and I think I have come up with a combination that will make a great setup for any use and it may help any of you guys trying to build an oiling system.

First step is the right pan. No need to buy any expensive one if you can weld.


In this thread from a boat forum, he talks about how to make a wet sump pan that will keep oil from running up the sides of the pan. This will make sure that you are almost always surge free. Though the only dray back I see is the size. With this size though, you gain added oil capacity and slightly more surface area for cooling.

You will also want to run a windage tray and if possible a crank scraper to keep as much oil in the pan as possible.

Next step is an added assurance just in case you run across an oil surge. It also helps makes the engine last longer via preoiling the engine on start ups. I'm talking about an oil accumulator such as an accusump from canton. They come in one, two, or three quart containers, and can be controlled manually, or electronically through the ignition, or a switch in the cockpit. One switch option watches oil pressure from an electronic pressure sensor. You can run a gauge off this sensor into the cockpit so you choose. You also gain more oil through the tank size of you choosing.


The last step of you perfect low budget oiling system should be a good oil cooler to... Well to keep the oil cool. Many style are available from running a sandwich oil filter adapter, to relocating you filter with and in line cooler, or simply running a cooling inline with your oil accumulator. You can run an air to liquid, or liquid (coolant) to liquid (oil).

This may seem like a lot of oil lines, but through these line and coolers you eliminate a lot of air from the system to ensure adequate oiling that is cool and consistent.

In the end you have oiling system that will be very reliable, have close to the same oil capacity as a dry sump, keeps just as cool, consistent liquid oil at an adequate pressure that will not run dry. It's will also cost significantly less than a dry sump kit.
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