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pro charged fuel pressure

Slow92stang 10.03.2013, 20:26
Want to know if anyone can help me been looking for days what is a good fuel pressure to run on 7 to 8 psi I got 30lbs injectors and maf that matches 90mm stock motor shortie headers h pipe with flowmasters
RAZRS EDGE 10.03.2013, 22:37
Are you talking about base fuel pressure? Depends on a lot of things but 40psi is a good starting point. If you're referring to what it should be once you have manifold pressure, you should have a fuel pressure regulator that has a boost reference point. Most raise fuel pressure on a 1:1 compensation ratio.
Slow92stang 12.03.2013, 16:13
Just base I'm looking at tuning just saving money
RAZRS EDGE 12.03.2013, 16:54
Good luck.
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