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Can anyone recoment a good paint shop in tulsa?

gingerbredman00 07.03.2013, 13:44
Looking to get either the passenger side repainted, or the whole car repainted.
m_ridgeway 07.03.2013, 14:14
Hourglass did a good job on my old gt but it was an insurance job. They are high dollar.

Stay away from glenpool auto body.
FiveLeeter 07.03.2013, 14:43
Unique Collision did my V6 when I was in a wreck 2 years ago. Did an amazing job, and then later painted my wheels for for half what everyone else wanted.

But I've heard they have gone downhill bad lately.
Kernsx21x 08.03.2013, 00:35
The Collision Center of Tulsa. Always done excellent work for me and I have known the owner for years.
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