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Will a 1999-2004 convertible door fit on a coupe???

Gofast. 02.03.2013, 18:20
Exactly what the title says, Wrecked my car on the passenger side and found a convertible parts car. Just need to make sure the doors are the same. Any information would be great. Thanks!
Mr. Red Pony 02.03.2013, 19:16
Gofast. 02.03.2013, 21:35
Do you know why? What's the difference?
Mr. Red Pony 02.03.2013, 22:46
Different rear quarters, different rear seat, different wiring harness, different rear quarter windows, motors for them, different rear trim pieces, different lighting, different subframe, different trunk space. All that. Can be done, but the money and time you would spend would be way more than buying say a convertible terminator.
RAZRS EDGE 02.03.2013, 23:10
There is a difference between the physical door on a vert and hard top in a 99'-04' car?
Gofast. 02.03.2013, 23:30
Thats what Im wanting to know. You wouldn't think there would be. I figured it would bolt right up? Thats why I wanted to ask first.
Mr. Red Pony 03.03.2013, 01:49
Goodness. My apologies. I thought you were trying to turn your car into a vert. Lol

A door from a very should fit on yours.
gingerbredman00 03.03.2013, 01:52
ok. He found a convertible parts car, and we needed to know if the door is the same.. lol
Gofast. 03.03.2013, 01:55
Hahaha, Oh noooo. That'd be a nightmare.
FiveLeeter 07.03.2013, 04:20
wowza lol. Physically the doors are the same. Wiring is different, but the door is identical.
gingerbredman00 07.03.2013, 13:17
We have all the parts in my garage, and plan to get it all back together today.
hopefully it all lines up perfectly, and we can send it off for paint soon!
FiveLeeter 07.03.2013, 14:45
very cool.
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