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Corner Carver Tech

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Mr. Red Pony 27.02.2013, 20:23
They were $75. Since I'm short on cash and I was almost metal to metal.
Mr. Red Pony 28.02.2013, 13:46
Do you guys run an exact amount of fuel? Or whatever isminvthe tank? Doing a lot of research and it seems like everyone suggests that.
Jefro 28.02.2013, 14:01
It's not a competition based event. It's all for fun. I burn through half a tank for the day.
Mr. Red Pony 28.02.2013, 15:11
I was planning on fun. Just making sure I wouldn't be the only one. Is there a gas station with 93 near by? (Not familiar with the area)
Jefro 28.02.2013, 15:59
Hmmm, not sure. The one I know of is Memorial and Quail springs Pkwy, RS fuels. You might want to bring a jug with you
Mr. Red Pony 28.02.2013, 17:54
Ok. 91 or 93. Either is fine.
Jefro 10.03.2013, 15:37
I'm thinking of getting a set of these for track days. They utilize the rear seat child restraint loops.

Mr. Red Pony 10.03.2013, 18:53
Pretty cool. How does it hook to the child restraint?
Jefro 10.03.2013, 19:31
It has a latch just like most car seats
Mr. Red Pony 10.03.2013, 22:00
Ok. Cool deal. I'll have to look into it. That one thing about my stock seat. They just let you slide around.
cjgt500 10.03.2013, 22:48
CG Lock is another option.

Jefro 11.03.2013, 00:03
Do you use the CG lock?
Mr. Red Pony 11.03.2013, 00:19
I don't like how it only holds the lap portion though.
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