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Phoenix 24.02.2013, 15:34

Originally Posted by 5.0man:

That sounds like a pain in the ass. It goes against everything we have always been thought about not riding the brakes. You would think they would have come up with a better way by now.

Even the techs at Hallett will tell you that the first lap of your brake cool down after the 15 min session should be done riding the brakes. Nothing hard, just enough pressure to keep the pads touching the rotors.
Jefro 24.02.2013, 16:05

Originally Posted by Procharged5.0:

I run cooling ducts and the hawks do eat my rotors pretty good, but i like their high heat performance. I ran with carbotechs for awhile and loved em as well. Carbotechs were easier on rotors, but I dont expect anything braking related to hold up too long on track. Hawk hp+, Steeda stainless lines as well as super blue fluid.. she. Stops pretty good.

Curious how she is going to behave on hallett next weekend. First/last time in september ran it i was on eibach sportlines. This time i am on steeda competition.

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Porterfield has race pads that are supposed to be good
Mr. Red Pony 25.02.2013, 01:45
Forgot to mention I have mid length subframe connectors.
Jefro 25.02.2013, 02:06
Tower braces always help. I would take it around the track first and see how the car does before you go through the trouble of the bigger sway bars
Mr. Red Pony 25.02.2013, 03:22
Any tips? I've never been before and I wouldn't want to look like an idiot.
Jefro 25.02.2013, 03:48
Is your car a standard or automatic?
Mr. Red Pony 25.02.2013, 04:06
Jefro 25.02.2013, 04:33
I heal/toe downshift so I'm in gear before I go into the corner. If you already know how you'll be fine. Slow in, fast out and apex the corners. I try to be consistent on every lap
Mr. Red Pony 25.02.2013, 04:39
Any off track tips?
Jefro 25.02.2013, 04:54
Not really. Anything specific?
Phoenix 25.02.2013, 05:48
I could share some advice, but it won't be as simply put as Jeff. I would actually teach you what heal/toe means. I just learned it from Bondurant High Performance Driving School though... :P
Mr. Red Pony 25.02.2013, 11:17
Lol. I know what heel toe shifting is and I know what apexing is.

With the current tune, my car likes to die a lot so I heel toe during daily driving to keep the engine revved.

But specifically I'm talking off track edicate. I made sure I knew about all of that before I went drag racing for the first time.

Plus I keep hearing about cool down laps and I'm not for sure how hat works.
Jefro 25.02.2013, 13:36
Cool down lap is just cruising at a slow pace to let the motor and brakes cool down from performance temp to normal temp before you shut it off. When you park, don't use your hand brake. After 5 min, roll the car forward so the pads don't sit in the same spot while the rotors cool down. I would get your own helmet if you don't already have one. I wear shorts and a T-shirt to the track. I just recently got some sparco track shoes. The rules of the track will be explained when you get there. Someone will ride with you before the groups get started to get you oriented with the track. You will start in the beginner group at first.
FiveLeeter 25.02.2013, 16:28
What kind of helmet do you have Jeff? I need to get one for the drags, and figure it might as well be road course ready as well...
Jefro 25.02.2013, 16:38
I bought a Zamp helmet. They are the best bang for the buck. SA2010 rating.
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