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Anderson PMS tuning

cloudlx 21.02.2013, 15:52
Quick question, I am looking to get my 90 LX tuned, it's got a 347/aluminum heads/etc..., so I bought an Anderson PMS for it. I liked the idea of having the tune with me and being able to change it as the combo changes. Its a light effort, stock block 347. Nothing special about it.

So I called Bo over at APS, from what I can tell he comes recommended and he is fairly close to my house, and he told me he wouldn't tune with a PMS. That there wasn't any reason for it.

So I guess I am a little confused as far as what to do. Bo uses a Moates chip to do the tune. Should I sell the PMS, which would effectively pay for the APS tune, or find someone else to use the PMS?

I could go into detail on the combo and why I want to have it tuned, but that doesn't really get me closer to an answer. I thought the PMS was a great alternative to a chip and that everyone could, or more specifically, would tune with it. To be clear, I am not upset with APS. Bo answered all my questions, and should I decided to sell the PMS, he'll more than likely be who tunes the car. This isn't a gripe about him or his shop, he has his reasons for doing what he does.

FoMoCo1 21.02.2013, 17:54
IMO, get the moates quarterhorse and have Ben (tealstang67) tune it.
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