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First real mod bang for buck.

whitepony2k 14.02.2013, 17:15
First real mod for my 2000 gt 2 valve. It has the CAI and stock everything else. I was thinking 373 gears? I drive a lot of highway. After that tackle the exhaust, and then get bigger TB, tune etc... What do you guys think? I am buying new wheels and dropping it in the next month
Phoenix 14.02.2013, 18:21
Gears or suspension. Subframe connectors help hook up and stiffen the car up nicely.
EskimoJosh 14.02.2013, 18:33
Gears and SFC's
foxchassisfreak 14.02.2013, 23:08
Bang for your buck?? That's easy, put it on the bottle
pieces5 14.02.2013, 23:22
In addition to the gears/sfc's, I'd say good tires and suspension. I got the biggest gains from my 02 with suspension (Yet to do gears or sfc's have them just not on the car yet).
yllwfstbck 15.02.2013, 00:31
bottle and susp.
oneslowfox 15.02.2013, 01:45
4V swap
the joker 15.02.2013, 02:00
Doing any bolt ons to a 2v is pointless. Unless its some squeeze and slicks.
baron 15.02.2013, 14:16
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