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Coyote Swap

B Hayes 11.02.2013, 02:14
Well im fixing to get started on the Coyote swap in my 93 coupe. Im sure its a straight forward swap ( from what research i have done) just wanted to see if anyone has done it and what issues if any did they have.
Jefro 11.02.2013, 02:36
The only ones I can think of off hand is the power steering pump and ac pump. I believe there is a plate kit that bolts to the lower left of the motor to utilize the existing pumps
baron 11.02.2013, 14:10
the mex 11.02.2013, 14:24
i knew you would be doing this sooner or later....boosted coyote witha 6 speed in a know you will have one or two snails on it sooner or later.
FiveLeeter 11.02.2013, 15:31
baller status commencing...
pacettr 13.02.2013, 05:25
Lol @ "straight forward"

Looking forward to progress. Badass swap.
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