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Focus DTC Codes

02StanGT 28.01.2013, 17:29
Two DTC codes on my 2012 Focus. I can't seem to find anywhere that will tell me what they are.

okhatch 28.01.2013, 17:51
What module did you pull those from? im in fords manual and cant find them.
02StanGT 28.01.2013, 18:08
Those came from the "Test" mode incorporated into the Focus' display. That's exactly how they appeared on that screen.

The MIL is not on.
okhatch 28.01.2013, 18:14
Okay those at not actual DTC codes. They are codes that are linked to a DTC code, and with out the list that tells you what DTC it is linked to your SOL. Is the check engine light or any other warning lights on?
02StanGT 28.01.2013, 18:21
No, MIL is not on. I stumbled on them by accident. While resetting the trip odometer, I entered the "Test" mode.
01turbowolf 28.01.2013, 20:01
hmm thats interesting you stumbled upon codes that dont exist. all dtcs now a days are in a 4 digit format with status codes after should read c1******6 and the like
po-po 5.0 28.01.2013, 21:33
Get a OBD2 scanner on it. To my knowledge, a complete list if cluster codes has never been published.
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