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F150 Go-Fast Help.

pieces5 23.01.2013, 18:09
I'm looking for info on shocks/ladder bars to use on an 85 f150 that will be used as a weekend cruiser and may see tnt ever so often. Any recommendations would be great.

Also open to recommendations for a light weight(ish) wheel.
Relentless 23.01.2013, 18:52
As far as cruising wheels go, the 20" dodge steel spares look sweet on them. I have a set for mine that have been collecting dust for a long time haha
pieces5 23.01.2013, 20:37
Coolness. I thought there was an issue with the hubs being different from the dodge to ford or something like that.
Relentless 23.01.2013, 21:45

Originally Posted by pieces5:

Coolness. I thought there was an issue with the hubs being different from the dodge to ford or something like that.

no, they bolt on
pieces5 24.01.2013, 01:19
Hmm... Interesting.
82 GT 24.01.2013, 17:47
Check out Cal-Tracs, their stuff works great with leaf sprung suspensions. Trucks like yours gets tons of wheel hop, that should solve the problem
pieces5 24.01.2013, 23:39
Would the caltracs for the 93-96 f150/lightning fit? I had looked at these previously but I wasn't sure if they'd work without modification.
wenkeracing 25.01.2013, 14:19
CalTracs ftw 1.31 60' on a 9" tire

69fastback 26.01.2013, 00:37
Oh oh! I've got Caltracs!

hotrodkid05 26.01.2013, 02:59
Depending on what you want to spend you can get a rear clip from Morrison that has rearend, suspension and frame rails. It is a lil pricey but its good stuff. Obviously caltracs work though.
wenkeracing 26.01.2013, 04:27

Originally Posted by 69fastback:

Oh oh! I've got Caltracs!


Because race car
pieces5 26.01.2013, 07:19
Talked me smooth in to them.
Cal-Tracs it will be then! Now does any one have a means to order them... or do any of the site vendors have access to order these? :D
pieces5 11.03.2013, 23:22
Instead of creating a new thread... Does anyone have recommendations for a fuel pump? I was looking to go the external electric route. The truck is to be carbed and I'd say 3******5hp would be a fair estimate. I'd like to have the opportunity or freedom to add nitrous later on without having to upgrade the pump again. I found a trickflow on summit for like $85... But idk.
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