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rear disk brake help

Nick92Gt 19.01.2013, 01:39
Will the rear disks brake set up off a 94 5.0 work on a fox 8.8 with c clip Eliminators?? Or does it need some kind of spacer. Or other cheap alternatives for disc brakes
m_ridgeway 19.01.2013, 02:22
Ive got a setup minus calipers for a new edge and a sn95 if you want to try them. Looking at mine I would think they would work as long as you had the right axle length. Strange sent mine basically ready to bolt in. give them a call.

I would weld 9" ends on and use strange or aero brakes, I did the c clip elims on mine, wish I wouldve spent the money the first time around.
jrhaden 19.01.2013, 05:13
jrhaden 19.01.2013, 05:20
jrhaden 19.01.2013, 05:20
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