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Exhaust Questions

CoveyJ 12.12.2017, 06:08
I threw a pinto header onto my 1993 2.3 and im thinking about doing the rest of the exhaust system myself.


The collector is 3" and im wanting to go down to 2.5" or 2.25 but im not sure where to start. I want to be able to bolt the exhaust system to the collector but as you can see on the link it doesnt have the metal connector piece. would i have to buy that piece and flange the collector before i can continue?

Im sure i sound a little slow wacko

Any help would be great

Only thing i've thought would be right was

but thats $100 trying to save a lil cash here
zaner 12.12.2017, 10:04
Yes youll have to buy a header collector flange of some type and weld that to the header....then the opposite side of the flange will weld to your exhaust setup....bolt together and presto!....
CoveyJ 13.12.2017, 03:15
Thanks for the help, I wasnt sure of what to call it or search, just ordered one tho so thanks a bunch!
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