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Starter Spinning...

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asohagan 14.03.2013, 12:07
If someone is willing to buy a II i would sell it while you can.
bigblockfox 14.03.2013, 12:30

Originally Posted by 63T-Bolt:

Best to make sure you have everything correct for a II. They have their own specific C4 and flexplate, pretty sure they used their own starter as they were different on the tooth count than anything else ford used.

You can have the starter kicking out, but unable to actually engage the teeth of the flex plate because the drive is hitting the flex plate.

Half of this is correct. Mustang IIs have there own oil pan (if you use the big starter), flywheel, bellhousing and converter. You can use the little ford mini starter with no pan issues. To the guy with the car, good luck getting a new flywheel for a mustang II. They are a 141 or 144 tooth flywheel. The parts store say they can get you one but its not for a mustang II its a 157 tooth flywheel. Artcarr makes new flywheels and thats where I got mine from. But I think I have a stock flywheel if you need it.
68mustang 16.03.2013, 03:25
So you're gonna knock off a ring gear that's welded on?? Not gonnna happen.
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