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Pilot bearing confusions

dragterjr93 19.12.2012, 12:58
So can I fit a pilot bearing from a 3anyone02 into a 3.8?anyone
nastynotch 20.12.2012, 20:25
Just buy a new pilot bearing for the 3.8. They are cheap.
donsbad89 24.12.2012, 02:16
Buy the correct pilot.
circletrack5.0 25.12.2012, 03:05
it's the same bearing.
donsbad89 25.12.2012, 22:28
He made it seem as though he wanted to reuse an old one.....
dragterjr93 04.01.2013, 14:43
no i was contemplating using an imput shaft out of a 5.0 and the spot where the bearing itself covers the tip of the shaft was different and i was tryin to figure out if the bushing s around the bearings were the same if that makes sense.
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