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Sheriff's Track dates 2013

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Jefro 20.11.2017, 09:38
Here are the dates that the OMC is doing a track event. Cost is $30 for the day 8am - 5pm. PM Probkauz for forms, info, etc.

March 16th
April 13th
May 18th
June 15th
July 13th
August 17th
September 21st
October 12th
King Dingaling 21.11.2017, 04:11
Where is this location?
Jefro 21.11.2017, 04:33
NE 36th & Air Depot
FiveLeeter 21.11.2017, 05:03
Definitely going to try to make it out atleast once this year. Need to get the suspension stiffened and then I'm game.
Jefro 21.11.2017, 05:09
I found out that I need to do taller ball joints since mine is lowered to reset the front end geometry so keep that in mind
DEEZ-67 21.11.2017, 05:21
<--- GT500 lower control arm & ball joints
Jefro 21.11.2017, 06:07
Do you know if the ball joints are taller than the gt lca's?
TheMormon 21.11.2017, 10:00
Remind me closer and my white car will be ready for it
orangeRcode 21.11.2017, 12:54
It's a good time. Everyone should come out and try it.
probkauz 21.11.2017, 13:16
Definitely come have some track time fun! And we supply lunch, usually grill at the track, weather and heat permitting.
pacettr 21.11.2017, 13:26

Originally Posted by orangeRcode:

It's a good time. Everyone should come out and try it.

jrhaden 21.11.2017, 13:29
Im in
Jefro 22.11.2017, 00:37
I'll post reminders the week of. If you have your own helmet bring it. Clothing is not restricted except for shoes. No sandals while driving. Also bring a chair to sit in. I bring a 10x10 pop up tent shade as well
DEEZ-67 22.11.2017, 01:47

Originally Posted by Jefro:

Do you know if the ball joints are taller than the gt lca's?

I don't know about yours but the reson I went with them is bc they have replaceable ball joints where the GTs where not.
Jefro 22.11.2017, 02:05
Mine are replaceable from the forums I've read on S197
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