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Sheriff's Track dates 2013

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Procharged5.0 26.01.2018, 03:48
Yup my last time out at hallett wasnt too bad on the tires. Brakes. Well that is another story.

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Jefro 26.01.2018, 04:22
Yeah, I've been taking notes on what the guys use in the Corner Carver section of and I have what I will be using for pads in the near future. I removed my dust shields on the front for extra heat dissipation.
Mr. Red Pony 26.01.2018, 12:11
Any tips? I was going to go with war bonnet PCA. I didn't know there were mustang guys going.
Mr. Red Pony 26.01.2018, 12:13
Also what are some good pads to get? Mine are about 10% left anyways.
Procharged5.0 26.01.2018, 22:42
I run hawk hp+ but carbotech has some good offerings my buddies swear by. My hawks eat rotors pretty good and are loud when cold, but i dont mind because they stop the car when i need them to.

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Jefro 26.01.2018, 23:06
Hey guys, I'm going to start a thread in the general chat section until we get a corner carver section so we don't whore this one up.

Mods, can you merge the tech posts with my new thread please
Jefro 26.01.2018, 23:17
Sorry, general tech since it will be tech related
Tinman124 28.10.2018, 11:35
Are these track days same as OMC's?
Jefro 29.10.2018, 03:16
Yes, they are the same. I'll post the 2014 schedule as soon as Sandy gets it to me.
DasHengst 08.11.2018, 01:16
Performance frictions are realllly good you can get them at some orielys
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