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93 2.3L clutch assembly

CoveyJ 04.12.2012, 17:08
Hey guys, I was told you of all people could help me out.

I have a 1993 Mustang lx 2.3L and the clutch cable comes threw the bellhousing and doesnt quite reach the shift fork, its supposed to have a clevis, clevis pin, retainer ring, and hairpin clip to connect the two, although i have no idea what size clevis or where to even get it Ive tried my local parts stores they said they dont have that information and they just carry a wide range of them

To help better explain I have a picture from alldata, To clear this up, the question is where can i get those parts or is there a way around buying them? a 5.0 clutch cable instead maybe?

the peices would be 6 (retainer ring), 11 (hairpin clip), 12 (clevis), 13 (clevis pin)

Attachment 63862
foxtrot 06.12.2012, 17:14
5.0's use a different setup with the cable actually going through the fork. You'll probably have to source one from a salvage yard. I don't think I have an extra or I would hook you up.

It is indeed an odd setup.
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