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08 mustang gt blending door

kreisler 30.11.2012, 04:02
When the power is turned on it makes several loud clicks, and clicks when the a/c is on the dash vents. Most of the things I found online suggested the blending door would need to be replaced. Is this a pretty simple thing to do? I've also been smelling what seems like burning plastic..kinda doubt its from this, but could it be associated with it? I didn't see any wires touching the exhaust or anything, or anything touching the engine, so I'm at a loss on that one.
foxchassisfreak 30.11.2012, 04:31
Something fall inside the blower motor?
kreisler 30.11.2012, 04:58
No clue. If I get time on Sunday I may try to look. Everything I've found says this blending door is just behind the glove box..seems to be a common problem so hopefully that's it
foxchassisfreak 30.11.2012, 05:02
I had the door break on my 07 dodge ram, if its anything like my dodge was, it was noooo fun to get to
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