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How to build an inexpensive 600rwhp fuel system for a Foxbody

Chevpwr 23.09.2017, 01:26
1. 1******5 Fuel pickup Spectra part #FG30B ($75.53 shipped through Amazon ) because it has the larger 3/8 pick-up line compared to the 87-93 5/16 pick-up line. It still has the same return line.
2. Aeromotive Stealth 340lph fuel pump part#11140 ($141.37 shipped from TH Motorsports) rated for 700fwhp
3. -8 push lock feed line and -6 return ($161.80 for both shipped from Summit) I ordered 20 feet of both but you only need about 16-18 feet.
4. 3/8 to -8 adapter for fuel pick-up Russell part#6******3 ($12.99 shipped from Hinson Motorsports)
5. to -6 adapter for fuel return Russell part#6******3 ($18.83 shipped from Speed Unlimited)
6. 10 ga wire from battery to 30 amp relay and inline fuse
7. Miscellaneous push lock fittings

Of course you can find this stuff used and save a little money. I already had the fuel rails, wiring, and most of the miscellaneous fittings.
If you decide to go bigger later, you can sump your tank and go with an external pump, your wiring and your fuel line will already be there. Im not sure how much power -8 is rated for, but I seen over 900rwhp on gas with it.


97black4V 23.09.2017, 03:36
Hell don't even need them fittings on the pick up just hose clamps will work fine.

And I'm unsure but I don't think I'd trust that really as a fuel pump relay, I'm running a constant duty one from orielly's.
FoMoCo1 24.09.2017, 09:56

Originally Posted by 97black4V:

Hell don't even need them fittings on the pick up just hose clamps will work fine.

thats a good way of starting a fire

i did my fuel sys the same way but used a 255 and the stock rails with an aftermarket regulator....didnt need bigger rails yet so it saved me some money
97black4V 24.09.2017, 12:15
Hmmm wierd I've seen many people flare the ends and double clamp the hose to it. If that's the case with pressure why doesn't it push the hose off the inside the tank?
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