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83 or 84 ford ranger 2.3

gingerbredman00 09.10.2012, 23:27
Is a little bastard!
gingerbredman00 27.10.2012, 13:57
I cannot seem to get this thing to stay running.
If anybody wants to make some quick cash by figuring out what's going on with it give me a call or text.
gingerbredman00 30.10.2012, 00:30
gingerbredman00 03.11.2012, 14:54
Bump, I'll be working on it all day..
foxtrot 05.11.2012, 18:36
What's it doing?
Silver 05.11.2012, 20:28
Is the turbo bad?
gingerbredman00 05.11.2012, 22:37
vacuum line going to the distributor was in the wrong place, other vacuum lines wrong, timing was 4-5 degrees off, distributor was put back in wrong, timing advance was stuck, carb-spacer and spacer-intake gaskets where blown, wiring issues... emo
But, now it's alive.
I've driven it to work the past couple days (1.5 mile trip)
Then after work, I drove about 15 miles total, and it's still going..shifty
I ordered a new distributor, rotor, and cap, hopefully that gets rid of the miss.
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