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2.3t swap

2.3t lx 07.10.2012, 23:16
I got a 91 lx with factory Na 2.3 that I'm converting with motor I got out of a 87 ford thunderbird it's 2.3t does anyone got any good pointers or performance parts to buy to help make my swap easier? And make the best performance out of the engine?
82 GT 08.10.2012, 00:46
The swap should be a direct bolt in. Pretty easy to work with.

As for performance parts, Racer Walsh has been a good source and there is also a machinist in the north part of the state who is familiar with the 2.3s, someone on here should have the name of the place.

Good luck with the build!
2.3t lx 08.10.2012, 11:00
I got the computer out of tbird everyone says that's the best computer to have. I just have to do wiring changes and find a t5 or something to replace this auto
foxtrot 08.10.2012, 15:13
Stinger performance and

All you need to know.

Good luck! Careful. Woosh is addictive. Lol
King Dingaling 08.10.2012, 15:30
Ryan (white trash) has been 12's on a 4cyl in a fox. PM him with questions.
Desi 08.10.2012, 18:37
Also and
Either one of those are great sites to hit up, SVOCOP are the survivors of the SVOCA meltdown, and for parts (heads, headers, cam)

btw, looking forward to your build thread, with hopefully lots of pix to follow tup
foxtrot 01.11.2012, 19:53
Done yet???? Details man!

This is a weekend swap. Drive in buh buh buh on friday night, WOOSH by sunday!!!

Those N/A auto's don't work well behind the turbo motors. The last one I did had issues shifting under boost. I chatted with a few people and there are some servo differences or something between models that make a difference. I remember trying to swap the auto out of the t-bird but something was goofy with it and it was going to be difficult, so I opted to not use it. T5 ftw as far a fun to drive, it's hard to beat an auto so you can spool off the line though.

Just a heads up, might do some research before you decide which way to go.
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