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$1200 fix 14.08.2012, 18:43
The clutch in my 03 GT went out last week
and my mechanic told me it would be 1200 to fix
because I need a new clutch, pressure plate.
He also said I would need new radiator hoses because they are

This seems a little high to me, anyone else?
eightfivemustang 14.08.2012, 20:38
That seems very high dollar
Jefro 14.08.2012, 20:41
The hoses you can do yourself. Not sure if they use the same part but my coworker fixed his son's 07 v6 clutch for $400
foxchassisfreak 15.08.2012, 00:53
Damn, does that come with a reach around?

Clutch is easy, shouldn't be anywhere near that much
63T-Bolt 15.08.2012, 03:07
It's on the high side for sure, a new clutch kit (cable, firewall adjuster, and quadrant) installed with the flywheel brig turned isnt that much with me.

Cant see hoses leaking on such a newer vehicle, they have plastic tank radiators which can tend to leak.

For sure get a second estimate !
donsbad89 15.08.2012, 20:24
Ouch. Too high. 15.08.2012, 21:44
Yeah I'm going to get a second est considering a new clutch and radiator that comes with all the parts
only costs around $350s from American Muscle. I know I'll have to pay labor on the work but $900s in
labor is ridiculous.
foxchassisfreak 16.08.2012, 00:46
Last clutch I did, took roughly 2 hours. Not worth 900 in labor.
squeak 17.08.2012, 15:31
They are gouging you.

Do yourself a favor and never step foot in that shop again. Like you said, you're going to have to pay labor but FAIR labor and this are two totally separate things.
vandy09 17.08.2012, 16:01
Ill cut u a cut rate deal. 850 labor plus parts
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