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Brake Calipers Paint "WHAT COLOR" ?

jkelley 16.04.2017, 03:34
I have a 96 Mustang GT with a Saleen Body Kit all white with white rims...I was going to paint the rims flat black,Get rid of the Ricer two tier spoiler (Bought a GT spoiler painting black) ...My question is what color should I go with on the Calipers??....My budget does not allow me to powder coat right now...

Any advice on how to prep,paint the rims and what kind paint to use I would appreciate

BASixxer 16.04.2017, 03:50
You might be surprised, powdercoating is extremely inexpensive, and for the cost of paint and prep time, it would be cheaper to go the powdercoating route.

But if you are stuck on paint, #1 thing is to dismount the tires. To strip the old paint (for the best finish), go to the Auto parts store and get a jug of aircraft grade paint stripper and a wire wheel attachment for your drill. Get the red one, the black one is too abrasive. Use that to get all the paint off, it may take several passes.

Once you think you have it done, go over the whole wheel with 600 grit sandpaper to get rid of any burrs left by the wire wheel, and to rough up the surface a little bit. Apply a good self-etching primer. 3-4 coats will do. Wet sand with 800 grit sandpaper to rough up the primer just enough to make the paint stick.

I prefer Brake Caliper paint, as it's a little thicker and resistant to chipping. Shake the can well and make complete passes, starting off the wheel, passing completely over the wheel, and releasing the can once it's past. If you can position the wheel to spray straight across this will be better as you would drip. Just do light coats do it doesn't run. Get about 4-5 coats with a 10 minute rest between coats so it will become a little tacky.

Spray about 5-6 coats of clear, following the same guides as above.

Wet sand the clear with 1500, 3000, and 5000 grit sandpaper to give a mirror finish. Then use a good rubbing/polishing compound to remove the swirl marks.

I would think hard before you paint them black. That, or carry a black paint pen with you everywhere you go. My rims are so chipped after 2 years of driving.
jdholley 19.04.2017, 03:48
i use duplicolor caliper cleaner and a brush. then paint with caliper paint.
baron 19.04.2017, 03:50
step 1, take wheel off
step 2, spray paint on caliper

any over spray on the rotors will be taken off first time you hit the brakes
DEEZ-67 19.04.2017, 03:51
cobra13 23.04.2017, 04:26
lime green is where it's at for calipers around here
Jefro 23.04.2017, 06:13
Nah, go with orange!!
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