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91 2.3 wont start! (I broke shit)

gingerbredman00 29.06.2012, 13:43
So I hot the top end of the mustang put back together last night, and now all it does is cranks.
I replaced the timing belt, head gasket, intake gaskets, valve cover gaskets, spark plugs, and spark plug wires.
I hear the fuel pump come on when I turn the key on, I have fuel pressure at the fuel rail, but my plugs where dry after pulling a couple out to double check them.
As far as I know, everything got plugged back in the right place..
gingerbredman00 29.06.2012, 13:45
The car was running (poorly) before I did all this maintenance.
I'v checked the timing too many times to count, so it can't be that.
gingerbredman00 29.06.2012, 18:51
I'v checked everything I can think of.
I'm getting power on the center wire for the coil, but no power on the plug wires.
I'm getting power at the ICM.
I'm getting power on both sides of every fusible link I can find.
Now that my wife left for work, I don't have anyone to try to start the car while I check for voltage.
Relentless 29.06.2012, 20:04
I had this problem on a car I flipped before, I can't remember exactly what it was, it was so long ago, but it was the wiring related to the fan that was keeping it from starting
gingerbredman00 29.06.2012, 23:16
Somehow the crank pulley grooves for the crank position sensor got bent.
Which broke the crank position sensor.
So I went to lkq and got the sensor pulled, got home and went to put the sensor on.
that's when I found out the pulley ridges/grooves where bent..
Does anybody have one laying around? Lkq is closed already.
foxtrot 10.07.2012, 02:01
Soooooo, does this run?
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