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fast ez efi

02gt194 15.02.2017, 12:27
Ok guys not sure if this goes here or not but here goes. Have any of you guys ever used the f.a.s.t. ez efi? im looking at the retro fit setup and using one of my own mamifolds ive talked to f.a.s.t. and it sounds simple enough. but thought id get input. this is going on my torino by the way i wanna put efi on it but dont want all the bs and clutter of a mass air conversion fox harness. the ez efi looks straight forward and like a simple stand alone and self tuning.
02gt194 15.02.2017, 12:30
oh and im talking the multiport not the throttle body injection
joshgn 15.02.2017, 12:40
The self tuning/learning is the same thats in the XFI box. I havent personally dealt with one, but I'm on the XFI forum everyday and most people are very happy with them. Id say go for it.

I have XFI on my car, and once I got thru the learning curve and some initial issues, its been flawless every since.
02gt194 15.02.2017, 12:48
awesome the kit im looking at uses a retro harness and uses the tuned port sensors and a special tps that fits a ford but has a gm connector on it and i can use the gt40 intake i have and my injectors etc..... just drop their sensors and harness on plug it in and enter some basic info and go so im def considering it. the one i want is less than 900 bucks and still has a wideband included.
joshgn 15.02.2017, 12:53
whats the part # or post a link....
02gt194 16.02.2017, 05:33
part number 30200


the big thing for me is i have an efi intake and injectors already so i dont need all the extra cost of that stuff and the tuned port sensors at my cost through my store is next to nothing the only REAL cost i would have is the kit itself with the IAC adapter and the sensors and fuel pump which still comes out less by almost a grand than their nearest complete kit.
cobradoc 16.02.2017, 07:59
I have installed several. They are everything they advertise. I had one issue with a early processor and Comp overnighted me a replacement. I have been a Comp and Fast dealer for a long time and my opinion is there is nothing better.
02gt194 16.02.2017, 08:50
thanks for the input guys im def considering it
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