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V-6 Swap Question...

circletrack5.0 04.05.2012, 17:11
can i use a '01 engine in a '95? i want to use the '95 intake so i don't have to mess with the IMRC conversion. i just need a hoopty for my kid to putt around in...
circletrack5.0 05.05.2012, 17:52
nevermind. i see the heads are different.
circletrack5.0 13.05.2012, 21:03
okay, i just finished the complete split port swap. i am getting a PO340, camshaft position sensor A circuit(bank 1 or single sensor).

i used the '95 cam position sensor, ECM, injectors, MAF. i did use the '01 EGR stuff and coil pack.

the engine idles nice and steady at about 550rpm but has a slight stumble off idle. seems to run okay except for that. the '95 engine was locked up and i don't know if it had any codes. anyone?
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