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Rpms jumping around

crobertson405 12.12.2016, 00:23
Cant get my 331 timed. Timing fluctuates. Hers the build eagle 331 stroker rotating assembly ,forged kb pistons, comp 286hr, afr 185 58cc heads, vic jr intake , and holley 650. pro comp dizzy and 6al box.
trevnut 12.12.2016, 00:40
Get a real dizzy
crobertson405 12.12.2016, 01:26
Lmao! Its not the dizzy.
BlueCuda 12.12.2016, 02:37
The dizzy is a very important factor in timing. Lock the advance out to eliminate that variable.
crobertson405 12.12.2016, 02:50
Yes know dizzy is important. tried it in a different 302 worked just fine.Even tried an msd dizzy. same thing. cant find any vac leaks. havent used vac gauge yet. pretty sure its not the box.
foxchassisfreak 12.12.2016, 09:21
lock out the advance and see what happens, i'd guess that your problem stops
67mustang 12.12.2016, 23:53
How many degrees is it fluctuating? Are you setting it at an idle?
john-dickjr 20.12.2016, 07:16
rather the dizzy works right now or will not for long..they are junk..just dont understand why spend good money for a stroker kit..intake..etc then buy junk ass procomp anything..any way now for the cause..most times that i have had this issues it was the timing chain being stretched and needs replaced..does your have a new one?
crobertson405 12.02.2017, 09:53
yes brand new cloyes dbl roller
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