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Deal of the Month for March - SCT Tuners with Free tunes for Life for $350 shipped!

BASixxer 23.03.2012, 18:29
DLSpeed is glad to announce their partnership with American Muscle, and the ability to bring you Free Tunes for Life for only $350 shipped to your door! Whether you are looking for minimal gains and increased gas mileage, or looking to take your car into the winner's circle, DLSpeed can help!

For $350, you get an SCT X3, which will come with 3 tunes based on your exact specifications. You can have an 87 tune for daily driving/fuel economy, a 91 tune for spirited driving, and a race tune set to run whatever fuel you life at a much more aggressive tune.

Reply or PM me for more information, or to let me know you are ready to place an order. PayPal Credit Cards are accepted for fast processing. Can also accept Checks, but allow 3 days for processing.

If you prefere VMP or Amazon Tuning, I can get you tuning through either of them, along with an SCT X3, for $400 shipped.
mustangracer84 23.03.2012, 22:09
is this deal specific to mustangs or would this be applicable to say a 2002 Suburban, or 2000 ranger, or 2004 Explorer Sport track?
mustangracer84 23.03.2012, 22:12
2002 k2500 suburban 6.0L, 2001 ranger 4cyl 5spd 2wd, 2004 sport track 4.0L 4x4 auto
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