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302 and auto tranny

gkcarver1 12.11.2016, 11:28
comes with that new edelbrock 600, new starter, serpentine set up, extra capacity oil pan, Billet vacuum advance electronic distributor, small bolt paternal c6 with shift kit. I have put new front and rear seals in it. Motor came out of 86 f150. Does run. Was in a cougar but cougar was wrecked and I bout the motor. Not sure on mileage but everything looked in excellent condition when I had oil pan off. 750 obo, will negotiate price on whether I pull it and deliver or you come get it.
mustangracer84 12.11.2016, 12:03
What type of sump does it have? And would you consider parting it out? Also where is it located?
gkcarver1 12.11.2016, 12:28
Has front sup extra capacity with sloth baffle, oh and it has a billet electronic vacuum advance distributor. May part it out, but trying to sale it to get another setup. I'm in ponca city and I will possibly deliver. And that is a obo price.
gkcarver1 13.11.2016, 13:06
K, need to move it, $600 for everything, and I'm headed to city next weekend
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