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ABC Exclusive Hoods and Bumpers - $255 each!

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BASixxer 28.02.2012, 19:18
Just got set-up with ABC Exclusive, and Nick (Silver35th) and I are thinking about taking the raptor and going to pick up a stocking order.

I know Asohagan had talked about getting a group buy together, but let's make it happen!

I can only get their hoods and bumpers with my dealer program, the spoilers cannot be purchased at a discount.

My pricing gets better the more I get, so the more people to get in on this, the better pricing will be.

Let me know your interest and we can get an order together. Since we will drive to Dallas to get them, we can come through OKC and drop-off to those who want them so you don't have to deal with oversized shipping.
asohagan 01.03.2012, 11:54
my deal never went together, but let me know before you go. i need a hood and two spoilers
BASixxer 01.03.2012, 13:21
Will do!
02GT 01.03.2012, 15:29
<------ wants a spoiler
maybe a hood
BASixxer 01.03.2012, 15:43
well lets do it.
5.0man 09.03.2012, 03:32
A muddy of mine needs a couple goods. I'll let him know about this thread.
STANGNUTZ 09.03.2012, 11:24
Thanks mike. I been planning a trip of my own. Here in the next couple weeks. I'm needing 5-6 hoods and maybe a spoiler!! My number is 4******5. Text me and give some details please. Thanks cody....
BASixxer 10.03.2012, 22:36
Oh wow Cody! I am out of the country until next Thursday, but will give you a ring when I get back stateside.
fsstnotch 11.03.2012, 01:01
I will definitely be in as long as I can sell my VIS. Possibly even if it don't.
02GT 11.03.2012, 05:53
BASIXXER, when do u plan on ordering them and making the trip?

I wanna see how much time I have that way I can start putting quarters in the piggy bank
MasterMacBayter 11.03.2012, 12:03
How much can you get lift offs for a fox for?
MasterMacBayter 11.03.2012, 12:07
Lo700 50 please
BASixxer 11.03.2012, 20:03
02GT - Once I get money together. No set date yet.

MasterMacBayter - Sounds good, I'll let you know when we go down so I can get the money.

So who is definitely in? Looking to do this within the next few weeks I hope.
backbars racing 12.03.2012, 01:09
May be down for a lift off. I will keep checkin.the thread. But pm me wheb your going. Thanks
MasterMacBayter 12.03.2012, 01:10
How much are the lift offs?
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