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Power steering pump question..

Desi 05.02.2012, 22:42
Ok, so this forum doesn't feel too left out and I have been behind on my car..

I have developed a really nasty power sterring leak at the pump, it is where the line comes out, but is leaking between the reservoir and the holding/locking not that the line screws into (see pic below for leak location). Is this a seal that I can take out and replace or should I just get a new/reman'd pump?

bone5.0 05.02.2012, 23:08
should be?

New pump isnt a bad idea either tho.
Desi 06.02.2012, 06:54
should be?

New pump isnt a bad idea either tho.

Thanks, I guess I'll price a new one see what that will run, overall I guess it would be better off in the end, thanks for the info
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