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92 Coupe project

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fordguy5.0 30.09.2016, 02:22
Sold my 93 GT back in october and bought a coupe. Started out as a 4 cyl, still has a ways to go but it will be ready for some racing by summer time. 5******95******2
King Dingaling 30.09.2016, 02:50
Great progress!
fordguy5.0 30.09.2016, 10:39
Thanks, foxchassisfreak and I have been working on it quite a bit trying to get it ready for some racing this year
ruger311 01.10.2016, 02:57
look similar to mine, needs a good powerwashing man!
fordguy5.0 01.10.2016, 03:48
Ha yeah it really needs a paint job, but I'll worry about that after its running
ruger311 01.10.2016, 04:58
looks don't win races <---- in redneck voice
DEEZ-67 01.10.2016, 05:01
is it done yet?
fordguy5.0 01.10.2016, 11:05
Oh trust me it'll go to the track looking like that for awhile lol and no it's not yet. Still have quite a few things left to do before the motor is ready to go in. Just got the tubular k member installed just need to order the manual rack now and front end should be done.
fordguy5.0 12.11.2016, 09:25
update on the build, rear end is getting put together this weekend and got the coil over kit so now can finish the front end...also got the convertor in so the motor and tranny are ready to drop in..just need to mount the fuel cell and run fuel line and get the interior put back in
fordguy5.0 04.01.2017, 09:45
5.0man 04.01.2017, 13:07
Looks good.
foxchassisfreak 05.01.2017, 12:11
I sure hope we can get this damn thing fired up this weekend
foxchassisfreak 24.01.2017, 07:20

finally alive, sounds pretty good
fordguy5.0 25.02.2017, 07:38
car is alot closer to being finished, ill get some pics posted up of the progress shortly
Z284thgen 25.02.2017, 07:49
sounds good
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