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fuel rail pressure sensor help

rfcsoulja 05.01.2012, 20:34
Alright. Car would stay running last night. I pulled the code and got P0190 (fuel rail pressure sensor malfunction). I look at the connector and on of the wires is burnt through and exposed. I am currently trying to get the terminal out of the connector so I can replace that section of wire as it is right against the connector. The terminal does not want to come out. This is the connector. .... I have removed the plastic clip and it still doesn't want to go out the back. Is there a chance the terminal is removed from the front of the connector?
rfcsoulja 05.01.2012, 21:59
jrhaden 05.01.2012, 22:19
First off do not go pay 40 bucks for that end. You can go to a salvage and get it for next to nothing. Then just splice it on to your existing wires.
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