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Shifter problems

89slvrcoupe 01.12.2011, 16:52
'97 v6 mustang, auto. The button on the shifter goes in, but it won't come out of park. Anyone had this problem or know a fix? Thanks
vandy09 01.12.2011, 17:00
I have no idea but I'd check ur grind wires. I'm sure there is a harness going to a safty switch somewhere. I had the same issue in the h2. There will also be a manual over ride switch if you can push that and it shifts then that's definitly your problem (the saftey switch)
cyclical 01.12.2011, 17:20
moved to tech
circletrack5.0 01.12.2011, 18:00
sounds like the shifter to column cable is broke or something in the button itself. i have a complete shifter with BOTH cables for $40 if that turns out to be the problem.
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