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Let's see your mod lists

BASixxer 30.11.2011, 15:02
I though the V6 community is dwindling here, and we don't have many at all that are modded to any extent.

What do you have doing to your sixxer? I never seem to see any at meets, so I want everyone out of the woodwork.

Post your mod lists, trap times, and hp if you know.
jrhaden 30.11.2011, 15:05
Get to it steph
BASixxer 30.11.2011, 15:09
I have:

Ported Intake Manifold
IMRCs Removed
Diablosport Predator Tuner
Performance Distributors 9mm Plug Wires
NGK Iridium Plugs
Pacesetter Catted H-Pipe
Borla Pro XS Dumps

Steeda X2 Balljoints
Mach 1 Tokico Shocks/Struts
Suspension Techniques 1.75" Lowering Springs
GT Sway Bar
BBK Gripps Spring Isolators
BBK Gripps Lower Control Arms
BBK Gripps Upper Control Arms

2001 Cobra Front Bumper/Fog Lights
2004 GT Good
2002 GT Side Scoops
17x9 Cobra R Wheels Powdercoated Black (255/40/17, 275/40/17)

Pioneer Head Unit
Alpine Speakers
1100w Kenwood Amp
Dual 12" Subs in a Mustang-specific Box

In the Closet:
M112 Supercharger Set-up (This Spring)
3.73 Gears and T-Lok (as soon as classes are over this semester)
Ported Heads and 212/220 camshaft (winter)

Coming Soon:
Subframe Connectors
Engine Rebuild
T-5 Swap
donsbad89 30.11.2011, 20:01
You have a neat build. You don't see many people working from the v6 platform.
BASixxer 30.11.2011, 20:04
Thanks Dustin. Should be getting my heads tonight and will tear them down and decide what I want to do port wise... hoping that Christmas gives me some good funds, it will be the deciding factor between porting myself or having you do it...
donsbad89 01.12.2011, 20:23
In the words of Yoda "The cheapness is strong in this one....."
BASixxer 01.12.2011, 21:38
haha, got a few sales going, and if things increase I should have the cash for you to do them in no time... I just bought a house and the wife likes to accessorize, lol
DasHengst 01.12.2011, 22:31
i had a v6 in my red car before i swapped it, had a built 4.2 bottom end from supersix, had a m112 not for very long, 39# injectors, then went to a windstar intake, then went with a 02 truck manifold, then went to a ported and polished stock 01 intake, a tko600, spec flywheel and stage 3 clutch, msd wires and coilpack, bbkshortys, hpipe, and 44series axel dumps, 8.8 rear, 3.55 gears, gt sway bar, tubular upper and lower control arms, a 218/226 cam from compcams, ls6 valve springs, maximum motorsports cand c plates, front and rear adjustable dampening shocks and struts, and drilled and slotted rotors, deatschwerks 301 pump, 225 shot of nitrous through a zex kit, a mandrel bent 1 off ram air intake, rear seat delete, short shifter, mach1 gauge cluster, 3 gauge a pillar pod, steel braided brake lines, bumpsteer kit, afs deep dish, chrome bullit style wheels, track wheels(prostars), cobra bumper
skatefreak 02.12.2011, 00:50
used to have a 532rwhp v6... still #5 on the offical hp list for 3.8 based v6 mustangs :-)



.030" Overbored 01' Block (fully machined)
95 Forged SuperCoupe Crankshaft
Eagle H-beam Rods 6.090
JE Pistons Custom My Specs
Comp Camshaft (218/2******0/5******2LSA)
DIY P&P Heads
DIY P&P Lower Intake
96-98 Windstar Upper

Power Adders

Vortech V-2 T-trim (20psi !)
Custom Intercooler (30x12x3)
Tial 50mm BOV
NX nitrous kit only 50hp on this dyno sheet!

Fuel System

Aeromotive A1000 Fuel Pump (going to return style)
20gal Fuel Cell
-10an Lines
Aeromotive Pro Regulator
Custom -10an Fuel Rails
60lb Injectors

Pacesetter shorty headers
2.5" x-pipe
Flowtech Warlock Mufflers Dumped In Front of The Axle


8.8 Swap
3.90 Ring and Pinion
Granatelli Weight Jacker Lower Control Arms
donsbad89 02.12.2011, 17:18
Lee you are the weakest link now! Step your game up!
red94cobra 03.12.2011, 05:21
red94cobra 03.12.2011, 05:37
Jk, I keed... You guys would probably wax me anyway.
asohagan 03.12.2011, 15:04
i dont see to many people giving this info out...

not the truth anyway
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