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exhaust manifold hoses?

matt is (eg6) 11.11.2011, 00:03
where do these plug in?
hyghspeedpony302 11.11.2011, 01:17
not sure which your talking about but sounds like the ones that run to the egr....
hyghspeedpony302 11.11.2011, 01:18
or either down to the h pipe.....
BASixxer 30.11.2011, 14:38
Matt did you ever fix your issue? What hoses are you referring to?

What year is your vehicle? All years have the EGR piping that connects your passenger manifold to the intake manifold to recirculate unspent gasses. Some models also have Air Injection, which are you talking about?
imajeenyas 30.11.2011, 15:04
I vote DPFE sensor. Old ones are metal, new ones are plastic

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