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Any idea what this thing is?

Desi 30.10.2011, 18:11
I think it is a bracket off of a spare intake I have, but not sure.. any ideas?

bone5.0 30.10.2011, 18:37
Cruise control or tranny kick down bracket?
oneslowfox 30.10.2011, 18:44
Looks like a tranny kickdown bracket to me aswell.
okhatch 30.10.2011, 19:11
Throttle/kickdown bracket
Desi 30.10.2011, 20:32
Thanx, now i need to figure out what I took it off of ant why it was set aside.
Silver 07.01.2012, 03:59
Throttle/kickdown bracket

asohagan 17.01.2012, 22:23
i concur
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