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engine pulling help

matt is (eg6) 15.10.2011, 17:42
anyone know of a good step by step or how to on pulling a 3.8 i have the motor almost out just need a few bolts on the bell housing off and the motor mounts.. Im trying to get the mounts loosened but cant really get on the bolt very good is the size 21mm? i tried 7/8 and 13/16 neither fit.. anyone that has done this have a tip?
DasHengst 15.10.2011, 21:06
the motor mounts are a 21mm if your int he city i can help ive pulled 4.2s and 3.8s prolly 100 times pm me if you need my help
matt is (eg6) 15.10.2011, 22:31
Im from shawnee wish i was closer to you so i could get another set of hands helping out.. but i took the 13mm bolts off the mount to engine part because i couldnt get a 1/2'' drive rachet or my impact in there.. but now i ran into another snag i have all the bolts out of the bell housing and the motor mounts unbolted and started to lift it out and the trans was lifting also. i found in my haynes it says to remove my torque converter access plate and converter to drive plate nuts so im in the process of that now
matt is (eg6) 15.10.2011, 22:35
if anyone would be willing to help it would be great im almost done pulling the motor out of my girlfriends car but i still need to pull the engine out of the donor car i bought from botldpony yesterday and put that one in my girlfiends car lol
matt is (eg6) 15.10.2011, 23:03
how the hell do you get the access plate off/out of the way??? Im prying on it and its just popping back into place
DasHengst 15.10.2011, 23:55
access plate, you need a 21mm and a 6inch extension then get the mount nuts off from underneath/behind the front spring
DasHengst 15.10.2011, 23:56
whats your number
matt is (eg6) 16.10.2011, 00:26
matt is (eg6) 16.10.2011, 20:09
if anyone knows how to take off the torque converter access plate please let me know im stuck on this and have been since 5 yesterday, in my haynes it says to pry it? but when i try it just springs back and doesnt really bend out far enough to get a socket on please let me know if anyone has had this problem and knows a solution thanks-matt
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