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Seats interchangeable?

rfcsoulja 13.10.2011, 16:59
Are the passenger and drivers side seats interchangeable is they are both manual? The back of my drivers side seat broke and I'm supposed to be going to the track Saturday.
mustangracer84 13.10.2011, 18:25
Yes, however your seat tilt lever will be on the inside rather than the outside, same as the release mechanism to fold the seat forward to let people in or out of the back seat area.
DasHengst 13.10.2011, 21:32
and the seat belt loop
asohagan 27.10.2011, 17:23
i have some grey tweed seats. if you need one you can have it. no rips or tears. they are both passenger side. but maybe you can fix yours with the good parts from the two
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