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Lean issue

rfcsoulja 16.09.2011, 02:52
Alright. I am chasing down a lean issue, even after getting it tuned. When coming to a stop, my car will go completely lean and start stutering. Sometimes after around 5 seconds, the afr will shoot back up to normal and the car will idle fine. I have checked for vacuum leaks and have actually replaced all the gaskets from the lower intake up. Also, when I'm at part throttle (usually no more than 30%), the afr will shoot to 17 and 18, and often completely lean. What could cause this?
rfcsoulja 16.09.2011, 03:23
Mods done:
2001 3.8L Mustang
D1-procherger w/ 2 core intercooler
3.60" pulley
39# injectors
HPX blow through 75mm MAF
SVT focus fuel pump /w wiring upgrade
plx wideband
Windstar upper intake
P&P lower
comp cam- 218/226 , .500/.500 lift, 108lsa
118 beehive springs and retainers
Mac long tube headers
o/r H pipe into dual flowmasters
Eibach pro-kit
Tokico shock/struts
Detroit true-trac w/ 3.73 gears
pro 5.0 short throw shifter
Also had my egr deleted, pats turned off (or bypassed), rear O2 sensors turned off, and my imrc's deleted.
Relentless 16.09.2011, 04:03
Sounds like it's in your tune
rfcsoulja 16.09.2011, 04:22
ugh. . . . .
Relentless 16.09.2011, 04:33
My Capri did something similar with the D1, the tuner fixed it pretty easily though, I'd give him a call and see what he says
jrhaden 16.09.2011, 10:32
Sounds like it's in your tune
rfcsoulja 16.09.2011, 17:16
Going back monday in la manana praying that he doesn't charge me, I don't have any much more money to spend on this.
Relentless 16.09.2011, 17:38
I would hope he doesn't
asohagan 27.10.2011, 17:20
any update?
Phoenix 27.10.2011, 22:06
the procharged 96 cobra that I used to have did this for a bit. The IAC was the problem, or rather the hose that led to it. It was cracked badly on the underside, where it wasn't easily seen. The car was getting extra, unmetered, air after slowing to idle. I fixed it, and the car went back to running like a champ...
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