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Cam Install Help

BASixxer 08.08.2011, 18:10
Looking for someone with some good knowledge about Cam installs on the Push-rod motors. I've always had a DOHC, and then is my first push rod motor. Looking to go ahead and install the cam I bought and have a little fun before I install the supercharger.

Just wanting to check on my necessities before installing. From what I have read around the net, I don't need to upgrade the valvetrain with this cam. However, I wanted a second (or 20th) opinion before tackling this.

Cam specs:

Lobe Separation: 111.4
Valve Overlap: -5.7

Intake/Exhaust Duration: 214/220

Valvelift: .53582" (.54)

I am looking to build a custom motor before long, and if this is going to take too much to do, I'd rather just wait. Want recommendations between stock and performance based springs and pushrods, etc.

Also, since the heads have to be removed, is it recommended I go ahead and get new studs?

If someone is willing to help do this since I'm a virgin at this, I'll bring a 30-pack if somewhere around Tulsa...
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