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afr 185 or 205

crobertson405 08.08.2011, 17:53
Need opinions on which afr head to get 185 or 205. For my 331 stroker kb icon fhr flat top piston will have 9.8.1 cr w/ 58cc head. With a vic Jr intake and custom cam. Or maybe off shelf cam for now.
bone5.0 08.08.2011, 17:55
Go big or GO home
crobertson405 08.08.2011, 22:32
Bigger isn't always better. Just what I've heard a lot about heads
67mustang 08.08.2011, 23:22
Being only a 331 with that low of compression, i'd go with the 185s. 205s will be too big, unless you want to spray the piss out of it.. nxsmile
pacettr 09.08.2011, 01:20
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