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Side exhaust Questions

BASixxer 07.07.2016, 07:40
So I just installed a Side Exhaust system on my 2001 V6. It's a Catted H-Pipe, Dynomax Super Turbo Mufflers, and then side piping. 2 1/4" Piping.

Problem I am having is that at idle and on initial startup, the damn tips rattle like a mofo. Everything is tight, but when we built the kit, the only mounts are on the mufflers. Everything else is loose (similar to stock).

What can be done to tighten the system so that it doesn't rattle? When I first start the car, the driver side tip smacks the underside of the side skirt, and it's a tad annoying. Can also hear it smacking if you are turning under acceleration.

Thought about adding a mount on the exit pipes, but would that cause the pipes to lose flex and would it break the mount if I ever bottomed out?

I know there are people running side exhaust on here, someone has to have an answer...
mustangracer84 07.07.2016, 07:57
have you checked your engine and trans mount? SVT or SVO in one of their old installation manuals recommended upgraded motor and trans mounts with their side exhaust kit. Personally I'd swap out the trans and motor mounts with energy suspension poly mounts.
zaner 07.07.2016, 15:42
Ive heard of people wedging heater hose in between the pipe and the floor board and holding it on with a hose clamp, heater hose is somewhat heat resistant and it takes up the slack between the pipe and floor board so it doesnt slap yet still has some give. Might not be an ideal fix but its cheap and fast....
BASixxer 07.07.2016, 20:04
hmm interesting... yea the car has 95k on the clock, so they may be due...

Does anyone know if the 3.8 and the 4.6 share the same motor mounts? Can't seem to find them for the V6 but the GT seems to have a few options...
jrhaden 07.07.2016, 20:41
Just get another mount like this or something similar with a rubber mount. It should help absorb some of the vibration and keep it off your body.

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