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Pass side exhaust manifold for 99-04 v6 mustang

asohagan 20.05.2011, 05:27
I know someone has one. The one on my wifes car is cracked.

Call or text 4******8
circletrack5.0 20.05.2011, 11:29
if they are the same as '94-'98, i have a pair. $30
asohagan 20.05.2011, 11:59
if i cant find a freebie by sunday i will take them. i will be through tulsa area on sunday around noon. would you be able to meet me? i will be on my way from kansas city or i would stop by and hang out for a minute. let me make sure they will switch out, im pretty sure they will but i want to be positive
asohagan 20.05.2011, 12:32
can you shoot me a couple pics to 4******8 of the pass side
asohagan 20.05.2011, 12:41
just checked, 99-04 are different
Relentless 20.05.2011, 13:36
This guy should have one, he bought a motor from me for the block and heads

circletrack5.0 20.05.2011, 13:56
you should be able to repair it if you're handy with a MIG welder. i've done it...
asohagan 20.05.2011, 14:28
Previous owner tried that. Looks like a bird flew by and crapper on it. Haha
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