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Baron, May 2011 Feature Car

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jrhaden 04.05.2011, 03:33
Member Name: Baron

Real Name: John

Description of your car: 89 Mustang LX Coupe

Location: Yukon

Occupation/School: I work for Napa

What is your main use for the car now: Pleasure driving, some racing this year and lots of around town cruising

What would you LIKE to use the car for in the future: Keep it the same purpose just make it faster!

How did you get into cars: Always been into cars, darkhorse (old member on here) showed me some pics of his fox he had in Vegas and I started to like them then stangcharger gave me ride in his dads 88 GT and i was hooked.

Who or What motivates you to keep improving your car: All the HATERS!!!

Mods: 393, powerglide, fulll UPR front and rear suspension, tubular control arms, 10pt cage, Centerline warrior wheels, Hoosier tires front and back, strange brakes and shocks

ET times, Dyno Numbers, Awards, Recognition, Race class: No idea yet, enough to scare me

Purchase: Approximate date. Is there a story behind the purchase? Was it your "dream car"? Not really it was pretty and had a cage lol

Your thanks: lots and lots of people.. flip469 on this site and svtpwr02

.... g

.... 025_n.jpg

.... g



.... g
Shucky 04.05.2011, 03:42
Congrats. Look forward to seeing it more this season.
TheMormon 04.05.2011, 03:43
Congrats, although i see some wrong info, he doesn't work at Napa anymore, and it has a 377 in it
Tims2002GT 04.05.2011, 04:02
Car is looking real good Baron! I was checking it out earlier in your sig on
97Cobra 04.05.2011, 04:09
Congrats, car looks real good.
jst4fun 04.05.2011, 04:11
Congrats John, but ummm its now powered by a SBC!! lol get it done hope to see u in mexico ...
uncltodd 04.05.2011, 04:31
John has moved a long way since Baron Von Stang-Drowner. (look it up, archives)

I am proud to have helped him a little bit in college, years ago.

DeadHorse Baron FTW!!!
AaronGT 04.05.2011, 05:11
Nice John
Mattp 04.05.2011, 06:31
King Dingaling 04.05.2011, 12:20
Great job Johnny!
trevnut 04.05.2011, 13:09
Nice work baron! Bout time you made a nice car!! Good to see your hard work pay off.
ruger311 04.05.2011, 13:19
needs more orange paint

lxhatch302 04.05.2011, 13:49
and a chebby motor...
snacksnack 04.05.2011, 18:17
Congrats! very impressed you finished this long project without selling/parting it out.
DEEZ-67 04.05.2011, 18:27
What?!?! tard we still do car of the month??!?!

Congrats John... now get that hood painted would you...
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