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"How to" is not "how do I".

foxtrot 18.03.2016, 11:05
This particular area has become overwhelmed with "how do I" threads and Please help that should be locate in other areas on this forum.

This is a "how to" section that people are supposed to be able to refer to when modding their vehicles, and not have to weed through the clutter. It is for well detailed, instructional type content to help others with their builds.

Someone please clean it up.thumbsdown


Sorry, been bugging me for quite some time.
cobra13 18.03.2016, 23:17
get em K
DEEZ-67 19.03.2016, 01:43
slap <--- keeping them in line.
trevnut 19.03.2016, 01:49
I agree 100%
B1lly 05.05.2016, 21:02
The problem with what you are talking about is people dont get on here after a swap or electrical fix or some problem that everyone is having and just put down detailed step by step instructions on how to do it. People generally wait until someone asks how they did it. Or if the topic comes up then they give a " how to". I know where u guys are coming from but i think the "how to" and "how do i" or "please help" are all one in the same. Besides this isnt jeopardy where i give the answer first then look for the question jeezus :D
68mustang 05.05.2016, 21:19
That's what the other part of the tech section is for..
B1lly 06.05.2016, 00:20
I agree they should ask in the v6, modular, and 5.0. But then this one would be empty. Noone is helping anyone unless they ask....... I think if more people would post some how tos on here then people would start getting the idea. Im at the airport waiting is why im still on this topic lol sorry
pacettr 06.05.2016, 00:45
magentamonster 05.09.2016, 12:42
Seriously, if you need help post in the Engine and Performance category or whatever category your having a problem with.
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