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OkieRacing, April 2011 Feature Car

jrhaden 01.04.2011, 16:53
Member Name: OkieRacing

Real Name (first name only is fine): Cory Roberts

Description of your car:2001 Mustang GT

Location: Bethany

Occupation/School: Store Manager O'Reilly Auto Parts

What is your main use for the car now: Car is primarily used for 12.0 index racing it is very competitve consistant and low maintenance. Sometimes on the nice weekends we will cruise to a car show or steakhouse and rock the city streets a little bit.

What would you LIKE to use the car for in the future: The plan for the car is a 10pt cage and one of my pushrod motors (331 or 408) for next season.Then a Cobra or V6 bumper after I rip the GT piece off lol. Its an awesome unit just needs more POWER

How did you get into cars: Me and my family have had plenty of Mustangs and plenty of racecars in general but this car by far gets the most attention and is the most fun to drive around and race.

Who or What motivates you to keep improving your car: People freak out when they see under the hood and theres a mod motor....with a carb and plate kit! It definitly raises some eyebrows.

Mods: It is a BONE STOCK 4.6 with longtubes,Magnaflow race mufflers, Edelbrock intake, Quick Fuel Q650 carb, NOS powershot kit (usually just a 75 shot), MSD digital ignition, and an Aeromtive fuel system. Art Carr C4 trans brake tranmission, 3500 converter, Built Strange 8.8 rearend 4.56 gears, all aerospace brakes front and rear, Steeda rear control arms and coilovers, full tubular front end with Strange coilover struts, M/T wheels and tires (28x10.5 of course), Interior is mostly all there power windows and all, radio and climate control panel replaced with all AutoMeter guages, Corbeau race seats and Stroud harnesses.

ET times, Dyno Numbers, Awards, Recognition, Race class:
Best ET to date is 11.49 @ 118. avg ET on 75 shot is 12.0 lol
Dont know how many car show awards its won,,,got trophies all in the floor and crap around here

Purchase Story:This was actually a customer of mines car and I saw most of the build in progress, when the oppertunity to buy it came along we HAD to jump on it! It was a hell of a deal and probobly the best purchase Okie Racing has ever made

Future plans with this car or with another one: I will continue for now to run The Bird and my Father will run this PSRA season in this GT and then it will go under the knife this winter. I hate to cut on this car but the end result will be well worth it!

Your thanks:Thanks go out to all the Roberts family and all members and supporters of Okie Racing and all of the people who help us out...Accuweld, Pro Tire Center,Allen Roberts and sons grading,Triples Bar and Grille, C Watts constuction,Stylin Lawns and Powerbond harmonic balancers. Support those who support racing!



.... 9_n.jpg

.... 78_n.jpg

.... 87_n.jpg

.... 3_n.jpg

.... 8_n.jpg

.... 31_n.jpg
itltrot 01.04.2011, 17:29
Congrats! Bad ass car!
69fastback 02.04.2011, 13:51
Nice car. Congrats
pacettr 02.04.2011, 14:50
Congrats Cory tup
okhatch 02.04.2011, 16:14
Nice car!
AaronGT 03.04.2011, 01:21
Congrats, man.
backbars racing 10.04.2011, 05:49
Cory congrats. I had my hands in this cars build over the years. It is probably the most well put together and nicest race car out there. Every part is top of the line, with no expense spared. Well deserved!
68mustang 10.04.2011, 15:19
Good looking car for sure!
Timmy 02.08.2011, 23:43
Congrats, that is defiantly different with that carb sitting on top of the mod motor but looks clean.
OkieRacing 03.08.2011, 00:04
Thanks....this is the last year for the carbed 4.6 in this car, Shes gettin a pushrod motor over the winter. We are scheming on somethin to put the 4.6 in....maybe a fox, maybe a streetrod, who knows with us
baron 03.08.2011, 00:31
text me about it....
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